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About Us

Tune Right Technology Company Limited (abbreviated “Tune Right Tech” or “TRT”) is a company with strong focus on fluid-management technology. Products include: Fluid connections (i.e.: Barbed fittings, Push-in fittings, Tubing), Flow direction/ volume controls (i.e.: Solenoid valves, Proportional valves, Pumps, Check valves), Pressure controls (i.e.: Pressure regulators), etc.

Tune Right Technology Company Limited (abbreviated “Tune Right Tech” or “TRT”) was founded in 2016. Before setting up the company, the directors were in managerial positions of medical, healthcare, bio-pharm, industrial automation businesses, having more than 20-year experiences in their industries, Asia Pacific exposure and channel management. In addition to knowing the needs of the end-users, as a partner we fully understand the expectations of foreign suppliers and how to develop the business through cooperation.
A Few Words from Our Chairperson

At the time of designing this website, the Central Government announced 《The Outline Development Plan for Greater Bay Area》. This development plan stated the role of Hong Kong would be “To consolidate and enhance Hong Kong’s status as international financial, transportation and trade centers as well as an international aviation hub……make great efforts to develop the innovation and technology industries, nurture emerging industries……”, where the role of Shenzhen would be “To leverage its leading role as a special economic zone, a national economic core city and a national innovation city……”. These roles match both our defined Vision and Mission that were identified when creating Tune Right Technology and were updated in 2018.

We have a variety of fittings in our portfolio.  The piece price of a small fitting may cost less than one dollar.  Per our experience, some customers prioritize selecting a fitting as less important and would factor it in last over price. However, their problems would normally be a result of the fitting ---- it may be the old supplier didn’t deliver on time; or the old fitting didn’t meet the design requirements, that the fitting flashed and caused the fluid path to become blocked. When this occurs, the cost of warranty service or follow-up actions to resolve the problem might end up costing a thousand times more than the price of the fitting.  So, a “small” fitting can have a huge impact  when chosen incorrectly.

In the tide of our National Modernization, Tune Right Tech may be preceived as small fitting supplier. However, we’d definitely be considered a premium-grade fitting supplier. In working with other premium-grade components represented by us, like solenoid valves, pumps, tubing, we strive to ensure the engine of modernization will have a smooth flow of its fluid path and be full of energy and power.

Vision, Mission and Values

To represent and distribute the premium-grade components from overseas, that serve the medical and hi-tech manufacturers in Greater China and Asia, and help their products become first-class and well known.


To establish South China in the “Greater Bay Area Development Plan”, and support medical and  innovative technologies in the area. By covering Greater China, assisting Chinese manufacturers in developing their brands. We will also project to Asia by working with “The Belt and Road Initiative”, to upgrade the competitiveness of Asian enterprises around the globe.


  1. Ensure the products represented meet and fulfill the quality management systems and standards of the related industries.
  2. Provide reasonable pricing and delivery times.
  3. Prioritize customers' feedback, after-sales services and establish a long-term partnership.
  4. Keep customer information confidential.
  5. Strive with the time.
  6. Obey business ethics, say “no” to corruption.